IARCCUM International Anglican Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission

IARCCUM stands for the International Anglican–Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission. IARCCUM aims to foster closer co-operation between the Anglican and Roman Catholic traditions, and put into practice progress made in theological conversations. IARCCUM works through pairs of bishops in particular countries, one Anglican and one Roman Catholic, meeting together and promoting shared mission.  

The work of IARCCUM is co-chaired by Bishop David Hamid, Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese in Europe, and Archbishop Don Bolen, the Catholic Archbishop of Regina, Saskatchewan. It is supported by The Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity in Rome and the Anglican Communion Office – the official Secretariat to the Anglican Communion.   

IARCCUM was established in 2000, by Archbishop George Carey and Cardinal Edward Cassidy, the then President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. 

Growing Together in Unity and Mission, an Agreed Statement by the International Anglican – Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission, was released in 2006.

IARCCUM Summit 2024: ‘Growing Together’   

Having taken place during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, bishop pairs from the Anglican and Roman Catholic traditions gathered for Growing Together - a weeklong summit for ecumenical discussion and pilgrimage in Rome and Canterbury between 22 and 29 January 2024. 

After visiting holy sites in both Rome and Canterbury, the bishops prayed, reflected and learnt from one another. The aim was to discuss ways of growing together in joint witness and mission in the world.  

Themes of discussion included the situation of the churches and peoples in all the regions represented, how power is best exercised, service, safeguarding, peace and reconciliation (especially in the Middle East, Sudan and South Sudan and Myanmar), synodality and the environment. 

On January 25, near the tomb of the Apostle Paul, Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury commissioned the bishops, sending them out in pairs, to be witnesses to Christian Unity. This was a significant moment, symbolic for Anglican-Catholic bonds and advancing ecumenical dialogue. 

Over 50 bishops participated from 27 countries, including: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Burundi, Canada, Egypt, and North Africa, England, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malawi, Melanesia, Mexico, Middle East, Myanmar, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua, new guinea, Scotland, South Africa, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, USA, and the West Indies. 

The bishops have produced a Joint Statement outlining how they will seek to walk together in mission and witness:

The Summit was organised by IARCCUM - the International Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission. IARCCUM is an official commission of the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church, established to ecumenical dialogue between the traditions.

Press Releases

29 January
It’s time to ‘walk together, pray together, and seek justice together’, say Anglican and Catholic Bishops as they share their commitment and call for Christian Unity

29 January
"Called to be Jesus Partners" - Anglican and Catholic Growing Together Summit in Canterbury

26 January
Anglican and Catholic bishops pray at the Church of San Gregorio al Celio as Ecumenical Summit prepares to travel to Canterbury

25 January
Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury Commission Anglican and Roman Catholic Bishops for Joint Mission and Witness in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

25 January
The Archbishop of Canterbury preaches at San Bartolomeo – a church dedicated to the memory of 20th and 21st Century Martyrs, during ecumenical summit

24 January
Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury to commission bishops in support of ecumenical summit 'Growing Together'

23 January
Anglican and Catholic Bishops make pilgrimage to St Peter’s Basilica for Anglican Choral Evensong as part of the ‘Growing Together’ Ecumenical Summit

23 January 
“Growing Together” - Discussions at an Ecumenical Summit of Anglican and Catholic Bishops Starts in Rome Today During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity


Updates from the visit

Updates from the visit are available on the Anglican Communion website and social media channels.

You can also find out more about IARCCUM and access the online resource centre for Anglican-Roman Catholic relations at iarccum.org 

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