As followers of Jesus Christ, Christians are sent into the world to live lives inspired by his love and teaching and to bring that transforming and sacrificial love into all aspects of society.

They invite others to find faith and follow Jesus as disciples, inspired to live a "Jesus Shaped Life".

This work of mission is encapsulated in the Anglican Communion’s Five Marks of Mission:

The mission of the Church is the mission of Christ:

  1. To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom

  2. To teach, baptise and nurture new believers

  3. To respond to human need by loving service

  4. To transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation

  5. To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth


The mission and discipleship of Anglicans and Episcopalians are shaped, expressed and lived out in numerous areas such as:

Anglicans and Episcopalians work alongside some of the world’s poorest communities but also seek to influence the powerful, for example, through representation at the United Nations.  The work might be through churches or agencies such as the Anglican Alliance.

Mutual support and interdependence are important. The Anglican Communion encourages dioceses around the world to form partnerships for mutual benefit. These are known as Companion Links.