Part 1 is all about the history lying behind contemporary Anglicanism and is designed to be used as a course for small groups or individual study, in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. 

Part 2 is a collection of short video testimonies from all kinds of Anglicans from across the Anglican Communion with additional video commentaries from a range of scholars, on six different aspects of Anglicanism. A guidebook to the videos is available here.

Today Anglican churches are found in over 165 countries of the world with an estimated membership of around 85 million people. The Anglican Communion links 42 of these provincial and national churches together, including four united churches from the Indian sub-continent, with some independent churches and dioceses across the world. Even though these churches are autonomous and different from each other they have much in common, which comes from a shared history, from ongoing relationships with each other and from a shared mission. Part 1 looks at three broad elements of church life that they have in common: 

  • at Anglican spirituality - at the spiritual understanding and practices from the past that have helped to bring to life Anglicans’ relationship with God 
  • at the corporate structures and relationships they have inherited from the past and which they share and develop in the present 
  • at the rich and diverse mission of proclaiming the kingdom of God that is increasingly shaping their future 

These study materials, divided into 20 interactive sessions, present a collection of stories about all kinds of Anglicans and key ideas that have shaped this branch of the Christian church. The stories do not and could not describe all of Anglican experience but they cover a broad range of it. Participants are invited to read and reflect on these stories and see how they enrich, challenge and change the way they understand Anglican ways of being Christian. 

The study materials can be found here

Part 2 of the study materials are all about the experience of being Anglican today across the world. They are designed for anyone interested in learning more about worldwide Anglicanism, especially for study groups and for use within academic programmes. They are a set of video testimonies and short commentaries located on a YouTube channel, accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This channel is free to viewers. It can be accessed and downloaded onto devices for use in classrooms and in study groups.

The videos feature laypeople and clergy from different continents and diverse cultures and languages. Members of the Communion speak many different languages. English subtitles are included when the speaker uses a language other than English. Spanish, Portuguese and French versions of the channel will be available in due course. 

The videos are available at Being Anglican: Learning from Global Perspectives - YouTube