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The Anglican Communion is a family of 42 autonomous and independent-yet-interdependent national, pan-national and regional churches in communion with the see of Canterbury. These webpages showcase something of the work of the member Churches, official networks and commissions, and the Anglican Communion Office, the global secretariat for the Anglican Communion and its four Instruments of Communion.

Some content and pages is out of date. Work is about to begin on a new website.

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Our Members

Find out abour the 42 national, pan-national and regional Churches in the Anglican Communion.

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A number of official networks bring together Anglicans from around the world to plan and work together on areas of common concern in a diverse range of subjects, including church planting, environment, women, canon law and health and community.

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Ecumenical Relations

The Anglican Communion is part of the universal Church of Jesus Christ - the one holy, catholic and apostolic Church. Disagreements and schisms over the centuries have led to a multitude of denominations. The Anglican Communion is active in ecumenism and enjoys official dialogue with a number of partners, including Catholic. Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, Reformed and Pentecostal.

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Safeguarding within the Anglican Communion has its primary focus within the individual member churches. An international Anglican Communion Safe Church Commission produces guidance, training and resources to help provinces (the member churches) in this task.

The Secretariat of the Anglican Communion is aware of our own safeguarding responsibilities regarding staff and all the people we engage with.

If you have any safeguarding concerns about staff or officers of the Anglican Communion, please report them to our safeguarding officers, Mandy Marshall and Gavin Drake, by email: [email protected].

Note: You can find contact details of support organisations in many countries on this external website.

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Instruments of Communion

The Anglican Communion is a relational organisation supported by four Instruments of Communion: The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primates' Meeting, the Lambeth Conference (of Anglican bishops) and the Anglican Consultative Council. We have information on all the Instruments and details of previous meetings.

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The Anglican Cycle of Prayer

For many years, the Anglican Cycle of Prayer has been one of the most popular resources produced by the Anglican Communion Office. Through the ACP, Anglicans around the world have been united in praying on the same day for the same dioceses. Day by day, Monday to Saturday, we join in prayer for particular dioceses. And on Sundays, we pray mainly for provinces.

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Cycle anglican de prière

Depuis de nombreuses années, le Cycle anglican de prière (en anglais : ACP pour Anglican Cycle of Prayer) est l’une des ressources les plus populaires produites par l’Anglican Communion Office (Bureau de la Communion anglicane). Grâce à l’ACP, les anglicans du monde entier ont été unis dans la prière le même jour pour les mêmes diocèses. Jour après jour, du lundi au samedi, nous nous joignons à la prière pour des diocèses particuliers. Le dimanche, nous prions principalement pour les provinces.

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Ciclo de oración anglicano

Durante muchos años, el Ciclo de oración anglicano (ACP, por su sigla en inglés) ha sido uno de los recursos más populares producidos por la Anglican Communion Office (Oficina de la Comunión anglicana). A través del ACP, los anglicanos de todo el mundo se han unido para orar el mismo día por las mismas diócesis. Todos los días, de lunes a sábado, nos unimos en la oración por las diócesis correspondientes, y, los domingos, oramos principalmente por las provincias.

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Ciclo de Oração Anglicano

Por muitos anos, o Ciclo de Oração Anglicano (ACP, por sua sigla em Inglês) tem sido um dos recursos mais populares produzidos pelo Anglican Communion Office (Escritório da Comunhão Anglicana). Através do ACP anglicanos de todo o mundo se unem para orar no mesmo dia pelas mesmas dioceses. Dia após dia, de segunda a sábado, nos reunimos em oração por determinadas dioceses. E aos domingos, oramos principalmente pelas províncias.

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Gender Justice

In the Anglican Communion we are committed to ensuring that our churches become a living witness to our belief that women and men are equally made in the image of God.

Within the Communion and beyond, we recognise that the empowerment of women and men to live and work in just relationship requires a transformation among individuals and in all our communities.

There are about 43 million women in the world-wide Communion with a vast diversity of experience and gifts. This section of the Anglican Communion website serves to tell their stories, share their experience and celebrate their achievements.

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Theological Education

Theological Education for the Anglican Communion (TEAC) was an initiative set up by the Anglican Primates in 2003 with the aim of helping all Anglican Christians to be theologically alert and sensitive to the call of God.

This work is now being taken forward by the Commission for Theological Education in the Anglican Communion (CTEAC), led by church leaders and theological educators from across the Anglican Communion. This will strengthen educational and training networks of mutual leaning and friendship and equip leaders through the development of online resources.

The information and resources on offer are not just for clergy or those training for ministry, but for the whole people of God in their learning of discipleship.

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Episcopal Ministry in the Anglican Communion

This is a new department taking forward the work of the Lambeth Conference into Phase Three.

More informationw will be forthcoming shortly, in the meantime a range of resources remain available on the Lambeth Conference website.

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Press Releases

We have a range of resources and information for journalists reporting on the Anglican Communion, including an archive of all press releases and statements issued by the Anglican Commuinion Office since June 2018.

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Anglican Communion News Service

The Anglican Communion News Service is a separate website with occasional news, features and blogs about the Anglican Communion, its churches, networks, commissions and staff.

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