The Bible in the Life of the Church

“I see this project as utterly foundational for our life together: I can hardly stress that enough." - Archbishop Justin Welby

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The joy and challenge of being Anglican is that we engage with faith and Scripture in different ways. This can be both exciting and enriching but also difficult and confusing.  Bible in the Life of the Church or BILC seeks to offer signposts of understanding as we journey together.

BILC is work that has been going on across the Anglican Communion since 2009. Its purpose is to help us engage more deeply with the Bible. To help us to do this BILC has gathered together a tool-box of educational resources. The contents of the tool-box come from all over the Anglican Communion and are designed to help everyone from provinces, dioceses, congregations, small groups and individuals to deepen our understanding of the Bible.


To help you find resources in the tool-box that might be useful for you, we have arranged them in three ways:

By topic – what is the resource about?

By type – what kind of resources is it?

By audience – who is the resource for?

Simply click on one of these three areas, choose the heading that interests you, click on that and the resources in that part of the tool-box will be listed. Most will have an Information Sheet giving more details about the resources – often with comments from people who have found them helpful. Then you will be directed to the resource itself or further details of how you access it.

For more information about the work of BILC click on one of these briefings below.