Consultations on Theological Education

Regional Consultations 2022-2023

Since the COVID pandemic there has been a pressing need for theological educators to review what they do and update their approach to formation, education and training. The pandemic forced courses, colleges and seminaries to go online in a much more thoroughgoing way than before. Coming out of the pandemic it is clear that online learning and teaching is here to stay, now to be integrated with in-person learning in a hybrid way. The pandemic also revealed stark inequalities in resourcing across the world, requiring greater investment in developing good quality online learning resources.  A need for fresh and creative approaches to placement/context learning in the places where students live has also been highlighted. 

In response to all this the Theological Education department at the Anglican Communion office, now under the Commission for Theological Education in the Anglican Communion (CTEAC), has been convening a set of consultations across the regions of the world for theological educators and church leaders, to share experience, knowledge, insight and vision about what is happening and what needs to happen. Working from West to East, the first took place in Guatemala in May 2022, for the Americas. This was in-person and online, in Spanish (see below). The second, for Africa in November 2022, was organised by USPG in partnership with TEAC and hosted by the Diocese of Botswana (see below). The third, for South Asia and South East Asia, took place at the United Theological College in Bengaluru in India (see below). The fourth and final consultation, for the Asia-Pacific region, is due to take place in Tokyo in November 2023 in partnership with the Global Partnerships office of the Episcopal Church. The communiques from these consultations, read together, are providing invaluable insight into what is happening and what needs to happen in theological education in the Anglican Communion in the years ahead.  


April 2023 

Theological Education in South and South-East Asia after the Pandemic: Anglican and Ecumenical Challenges and Pathways 

A consultation organised by United Theological College, Bengaluru, India, and CTEAC,  11th –14th April 2023 at the Ecumenical Resource Centre, UTC, Bengaluru and Online.   

Speakers included Revd Prof Dr Chilkuri Vasantha Rao (Principal, UTC, Bengaluru);  Rt Revd Prof Dr K. Reuben Mark (Bishop, CSI Karim Nagar Diocese, Deputy Moderator, CSI Synod & President, UTC Society);  Ms Lubna Younas Dewan (Principal, St. Thomas’ Theological College, Karachi, Pakistan);  Dr Kaholi Zhimomi (Associate Professor, History of Christianity, UTC, Bengaluru);  Revd Canon Alfred Damu (House of the Epiphany, The Diocesan Centre for Ministerial Training, Diocese of Kuching, Malaysia);  Fr Adrian Aaron (Director Cathedral Institute for Education and Formation Diocese of Colombo, Church of Ceylon);  Dr Lisa Lamb, St. Paul’s Theological College, Diocese of West Malaysia;  Revd Dr Sunil Caleb (Principal, Bishop’s College, Kolkata);  Fr Prof Stephen Jayard (Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, Jnana-Deepa Institute of Philosophy & Theology, Pune);  Dr Lalruatkima (Associate Professor, Department of Theology, Academy of Integrated Christian Studies, Aizawl);  Revd Prof Dr David Joy (Principal, Kerala United Theological Seminary, Thiruvananthapuram);  Revd Canon Dr Peniel Rufus Rajkumar (Global Theologian, USPG); Revd Dr Samuel Meshack, Pro-Chancellor, Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong. 


November 2022 

The Future of Theological Education in Africa 

A consultation organised by USPG in partnership with TEAC and others, hosted by the Diocese of Botswana, 8th to 11th November 2022  

Speakers included Most Rev. Albert Chama, Archbishhop of Central Africa; Rt Rev. Prof Joseph D. Galgalo, Anglican Church of Kenya; Rt Rev. Metlha Beleme, Bishop of Botswana; Most Rev Maimbo Mndolwa, Archbishop of Tanzania;  Prof. Esther Mombo, St Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya;  Rev. Hilda Kabia, Principal, Musalato Theological College, Tanzania; Rev. Eddy Cheong-See, Principal of Diocesan Training, Mauritius; Rev. Mark Senada, Alexandria School of Theology; Most Rev. Cyril Ben-Smith, Archbishop of West Africa;  Dr Paulo Ueti, TEAC, Anglican Communion Office; Rev. Dr Gloria Mapangdol, Dean of St Andrew’s Seminary, Manila; Rev. Dr William Lamb, Chair of St Augustine’s Foundation, Canterbury; Rt Rev. William Mchombo, Diocese of Eastern Zambia; Canon Grace Kaiso, Church of the Province of Uganda; Rt Rev. Dr Eddie Daniels, Bishop of Port Elizabeth, South Africa; Rev. Dr Micah T.J. Jackson, Rev. Craig Dunsmuir, Principal of Theological Education by Extension, South Africa; Rev. Dennis Milanzi, Diocese of Lusaka; Rev Daniel Karanja, Africa Partnership Officer, The Episcopal Church; Canon Kofi deGraft-Johnson, General Secretary of CAPA; , Archbishop James Wong, Province of the Indian Ocean; Rev. Dr Olivia Banja, Uganda Christian University; Archbishop Carlos Matsinhe, Anglican Church of Angola and Mozambique; Rt Revd Chad Gandiya, Diocese of Harare; Rt Revd Vicentia Kgabe, Diocese of Lesotho; Rev Canon Dr Stephen Spencer, TEAC, Anglican Communion Office; Bishop Victor Atta-Bafoe, Diocese of Cape Coast, Ghana; Rev Duncan Dormor, General Secretary, USPG.

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May 2022

Migration Crisis and the role of Theological Education: TEAC Consultation in Guatemala 26-29 May 2022

Ten theological educators from Anglican churches across Central and South America gathered in Guatemala City for a key consultation on the migration crisis and how churches and their seminaries and training programmes can respond. The Global Partnership Office for Latin America (TEC) and a representative from Latin Ministries (TEC) offered their contribution to the discussion. Hosted by TEAC, the consultation produced an Appeal (available below) to prompt further discussion and implementation. The group in Guatemala were joined online by around 50 other participants for the first session, a webinar that heard from Loida Sardinas from Colombia and Gabriela Merayo from Argentina. They reminded everyone that there are now over 280 million migrants in the world, with 20% of this total moving within Latin America and many up to the US border. Many become victims of exploitation, xenophobia and racism and there have been over 100,000 disappearances in Mexico and Central America. The consultation also heard how migration is at the core of the Bible, from Abraham and the Exodus through the defining episode of the Exile for the people of Israel. Elizabeth Cook from Costa Rica pointed out that the Bible had been written by migrants for migrants, and that migrants today are therefore brothers and sisters in need of respect, dignity and support. Neli Miranda from Guatemala reminded the consultation that missionary activity is the mother of theology and therefore theological education needs to located within the realities of the crisis.

February 2022:

South Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for Theological Education

With the Revd Professor A. Israel David, Lubna Younas Dewan and the Revd Rasika T B Abeysinghe.

February 2021:

Collaboration between Seminaries and Church-based Theological Education - Opportunities and Challenges

With Professor Yak-hwee Tan, Dr Tim Green and team from the Increase Association; and Bishop Gonçalves of Brazil

April 2021:

Leading Seminaries and Theological Colleges – a forum on the challenges and opportunities

With the Revd Canon Dr Vicentia Kgabe, Rector, College of Transfiguration, South Africa; Dr Sunil Caleb, Principal, Bishop's College, Kolkata in the Church of North India; the Revd Dr Pedro Triana of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil; and others.

May 2021:

Women in Leadership in Theological Education - A forum on the challenges and opportunities

With Dr Gloria Mapangdol, Principal, St Andrew’s Seminary, Manila, Episcopal Church in the Philippines; The Revd Sally Hernández from Seminary San Andres, Anglican Church of Mexico and CETALC (Commission for Theological Education in Latin America and the Caribbean); The Revd Dr Lydia Mwaniki, Director for Gender and Women, All Africa Conference of Churches, Nairobi, Kenya; and others.


Séminaires en ligne sur l'éducation théologique

TEAC (le département pour l'Éducation Théologique dans la Communion Anglicane) organise trois webinaires en ligne sur les opportunités et les défis pour les collèges théologiques, les séminaires et l'éducation théologique basée sur les églises locales.

Nous vivons une période de transition et de danger pour l’Éducation Théologique à travers le monde et la nécessité de s'écouter mutuellement et de mettre en commun les connaissances et la sagesse est plus grande que jamais.

Ces webinaires seront l'occasion d'entendre des éducateurs en théologie de différentes régions du monde et de discuter de certaines des questions clés. Ils s'adressent au corps professoral et au personnel des institutions et des cours, aux responsables d'église et aux éducateurs. Ils comprennent des orateurs de premier plan et des discussions.

Une inscription préalable est requise pour tous les webinaires :

Mai 2022 :

La crise migratoire et le rôle de l’éducation théologique : Consultation TEAC au Guatemala 26-29 mai 2022

Dix personnes qui travaillent en éducation théologique des églises anglicanes d'Amérique Centrale et d'Amérique du Sud se sont réunis à Ville de Guatemala pour une consultation clé sur la crise migratoire et la manière dont les églises et leurs séminaires et programmes de formation peuvent y répondre. Le Bureau du Partenariat Mondial pour l'Amérique Latine (du TEC) et un représentant des Ministères Latino (du TEC) ont apporté leur contribution à la discussion. Accueillie par le TEAC, la consultation a produit une déclaration (disponible ci-dessous) pour stimuler la discussion et la mise en œuvre. Le groupe guatémaltèque a été rejoint en ligne par une cinquantaine d'autres participants pour la première session, un webinaire auquel ont participé Loida Sardinas de Colombie et Gabriela Merayo d'Argentine. Ils ont rappelé qu'il y a maintenant plus de 280 millions de migrants dans le monde, dont 20 % se déplacent en Amérique latine et beaucoup à la frontière américaine. Beaucoup sont victimes de l'exploitation, de la xénophobie et du racisme. Plus de 100 000 disparitions ont eu lieu au Mexique et en Amérique centrale. Les participants à la consultation ont également appris que la migration est au cœur de la Bible, depuis Abraham et l'Exode jusqu'à l'épisode déterminant de l'Exil pour le peuple d'Israël. Elizabeth Cook, du Costa Rica, a rappelé que la Bible avait été écrite par des migrants pour des migrants, et que les migrants d'aujourd'hui sont donc des frères et sœurs qui ont besoin de respect, de dignité et de soutien. Neli Miranda, du Guatemala, a rappelé à la consultation que l'activité missionnaire est la mère de la théologie et que l'éducation théologique doit donc se situer dans les réalités de la crise.


Février 2021 :

Collaboration entre les séminaires et l'éducation théologique basée sur l'église - opportunités et défis.

Avec le professeur Yak-hwee Tan, le Dr Tim Green et l'équipe de l'Association Increase; et l'évêque Humberto Gonçalves de l’Église Épiscopale Anglicane du Brésil. 


Avril 2021 :

Diriger les séminaires et les collèges théologiques - un forum sur les défis et les opportunités

Avec le Revd Canon Dra Vicentia Kgabe, Recteur, College of Transfiguration, Afrique du Sud ; Dr Sunil Caleb, Principal, Bishop's College, Kolkata dans l'Eglise de l'Inde du Nord ; le Rev. Dr. Pedro Triana, de l’Église Épiscopale Anglicane du Brésil et d'autres. 


Mai 2021

Les femmes à la tête de l’Éducation Théologique - un forum sur les défis et les opportunités

avec le Dr Gloria Mapangdol, directrice du Séminaire St Andrew's, Manille, Église Épiscopale des Philippines, et d'autres personnes. 


Webinarios sobre Educación Teológica

TEAC (el departamento para la Educación Teológica en la Comunión Anglicana) está organizando tres seminarios en línea sobre las oportunidades y los desafíos para los colegios teológicos, los seminarios y la educación teológica basada en la iglesia local.

Esta es una época de transición y peligro para la educación teológica en todo el mundo y la necesidad de escucharse mutuamente y de poner en común conocimientos y sabiduría es mayor que nunca.

Estos webinarios ofrecerán la oportunidad de escuchar a las/os educadoras/es teológicos de diferentes partes del mundo y debatir algunas de las cuestiones clave. Están dirigidos al profesorado y al personal de instituciones y cursos, a las/os líderes y lideresas de las iglesias y a las/os educadoras/es. Incluyen oradores principales y debates.

Se requiere la inscripción previa para todos los webinarios:

Mayo de 2022:

La crisis migratoria y el papel de la educación teológica: Consulta TEAC en Guatemala 26-29 de mayo de 2022

Diez educadores de teología de las iglesias anglicanas de toda América Central y del Sur se reunieron en Ciudad de Guatemala para una consulta clave sobre la crisis migratoria y cómo pueden responder las iglesias y sus seminarios y programas de formación. La Oficina de la Oficina Global de Alianzas para América Latina (del TEC) y un representante de los Ministerios Latinos (del TEC) ofrecieron su aportación al debate. Organizada por el TEAC, la consulta dio lugar a una Declaración (disponible más abajo) para estimular el debate y la aplicación. Al grupo de Guatemala se unieron en línea unos 50 participantes más para la primera sesión, un seminario web en el que participaron Loida Sardinas, de Colombia, y Gabriela Merayo, de Argentina. Recordaron que actualmente hay más de 280 millones de migrantes en el mundo, y que el 20% de este total se desplaza dentro de América Latina y muchos de ellos hacia la frontera con Estados Unidos. Muchos se convierten en víctimas de la explotación, la xenofobia y el racismo, y se han producido más de 100.000 desapariciones en México y Centroamérica. En la consulta también se escuchó cómo la migración está en el centro de la Biblia, desde Abraham y el Éxodo hasta el episodio definitorio del Exilio para el pueblo de Israel. Elizabeth Cook, de Costa Rica, señaló que la Biblia había sido escrita por migrantes para migrantes, y que los migrantes de hoy son, por tanto, hermanos y hermanas que necesitan respeto, dignidad y apoyo. Neli Miranda, de Guatemala, recordó que la actividad misionera es la madre de la teología y que, por lo tanto, la educación teológica debe situarse dentro de las realidades de la crisis.


Febrero 2021: 

Colaboración entre los seminarios y la educación teológica basada en la Iglesia - Oportunidades y desafíos

Con el profesor Yak-hwee Tan, el Dr. Tim Green y el equipo de la Asociación Increase; y el obispo Humberto Gonçalves de la Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana de Brasil 


Abril 2021

Dirigir seminarios y colegios teológicos: un foro sobre los retos y las oportunidades

Con la reverenda canóniga Dra. Vicentia Kgabe, directora del College of Transfiguration, Sudáfrica; el Dr. Sunil Caleb, director del Bishop's College, Kolkata en la Iglesia del Norte de la India; el Rev Dr. Pedro Triana, de la Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana de Brasil y otras/os. 


Mayo 2021

Las mujeres en el liderazgo de la educación teológica - un foro sobre los retos y las oportunidades

con la Dra. Gloria Mapangdol, Directora del Seminario de San Andrés, Manila, Iglesia Episcopal de Filipinas; y otros 


Webinários sobre Educação Teológica

TEAC (o departamento de Educação Teológica na Comunhão Anglicana) está organizando três webinários on-line sobre oportunidades e desafios para faculdades teológicas, seminários e programas de educação teológica local baseada na igreja.

Este é um momento de transição e perigo para a educação teológica em todo o mundo e a necessidade de ouvir umas as outras e de reunir conhecimento e sabedoria é maior do que nunca.

Estes webinários proporcionarão uma oportunidade de ouvir educadoras/es teólogas/os em diferentes partes do mundo e discutir algumas das questões-chave. Eles são para professoras/es e funcionárias/os de instituições e cursos, líderes de igrejas e educadoras/es. Eles incluem palestras e discussões.  

É necessário fazer a inscrição prévia para todos os webinários:

Maio de 2022

Crise Migratória e o papel da Educação Teológica: Consulta TEAC na Guatemala 26-29 de maio de 2022

Dez educadores em teologia de igrejas anglicanas de toda a América Central e do Sul se reuniram na Cidade da Guatemala para uma consulta chave sobre a crise migratória e como as igrejas e seus seminários e programas de formação podem responder. O Escritório de Parceria Global para a América Latina (da TEC) e um representante dos Ministérios Latinos (da TEC) ofereceram sua contribuição para a discussão. Hospedada por TEAC, a consulta produziu uma Declaração (disponível abaixo) para estimular mais discussão e implementação. O grupo na Guatemala teve a participação online de cerca de 50 outros participantes para a primeira sessão, um webinar que contou com a participação de Loida Sardinas, da Colômbia, e Gabriela Merayo, da Argentina. Elas lembraram a todos que existem agora mais de 280 milhões de migrantes no mundo, com 20% deste total movendo-se dentro da América Latina e muitos até a fronteira dos EUA. Muitos se tornam vítimas de exploração, xenofobia e racismo e já houve mais de 100.000 desaparecimentos no México e na América Central. A consulta também ouviu como a migração está no centro da Bíblia, desde Abraão e o Êxodo até o episódio definidor do Exílio para o povo de Israel. Elizabeth Cook, da Costa Rica, ressaltou que a Bíblia havia sido escrita por migrantes para migrantes, e que os migrantes hoje são, portanto, irmãos e irmãs que precisam de respeito, dignidade e apoio. Neli Miranda da Guatemala lembrou à consulta que a atividade missionária é a mãe da teologia e, portanto, a educação teológica precisa se situar dentro das realidades da crise.


Fevereiro de 2021: 

Colaboração entre Seminários e Educação Teológica Baseada na Igreja - Oportunidades e Desafios

Com a Professora Yak-hwee Tan, o Dr. Tim Green e a equipe da Associação Increase; e o Bispo Humberto Gonçalves da Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil


Abril 2021 

Liderando Seminários e Faculdades Teológicas - um fórum sobre os desafios e oportunidades

Com a Revda Cônega Dra Vicentia Kgabe, Diretora do Colégio de Transfiguração, África do Sul; Dr Sunil Caleb, Diretor, Colégio do Bispo, Kolkata na Igreja do Norte da Índia; Revdo Dr. Pedro Triana da Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil e outras/os. 


Maio 2021

Mulheres na Liderança em Educação Teológica - um fórum sobre os desafios e oportunidades 

com a Dra. Gloria Mapangdol, Diretora, Seminário Santo André, Manila, Igreja Episcopal nas Filipinas; e outros