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Section I.5 - Uprooted and Displaced Persons

This Conference commits its members to:

(a) promote within the Anglican Communion and beyond a greater awareness of the plight of uprooted and forcibly displaced persons, including indigenous peoples, and the causes of such disruption, including Third World Debt, religious conflict, economic deprivation, political oppression and environmental degradation;

(b) recognise the plight of our brothers and sisters who are victims of forcible displacement, and encourage prayer, worship, and study experiences which express the solidarity of the Anglican Communion with uprooted and forcibly displaced persons, commending the exceptional courage and leadership exercised on behalf of these victims by certain members of the Anglican Communion;

(c) encourage effective advocacy on behalf of uprooted and forcibly displaced persons within the Anglican Communion as well as within its individual provinces;

(d) promote greater co-operation within the Anglican Communion on behalf of uprooted and displaced persons by designating contact persons in every province whose responsibility would be to develop and guide this work, and by increasing the commitment of personal and material resources for this work*; and

(e) encourage the revitalisation of the Anglican Communion International Migrant and Refugee Network to assist the Anglican Communion in this work.

* All primates were requested to do this as expressed in Anglican Consultative Council 6,1984. See Proceedings of ACC-6, Appendix 3, page 26, 1984.