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The present paper is the fruit of six years work by the Anglican Old Catholic International
Coordinating Council (AOCICC) in fulfilment of two aspects of the mandate given
to the Council by the Archbishops of Canterbury and Utrech

07 NOV 2012 N/A

IASCUFO Complete Report

The Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order (IASCUFO) was
established by a resolution of ACC-14 and its members appointed by the Archbishop of
Canterbury in consultation with the Secretary General of the ACO. IASCUFO has a large
mandate, and so you are receiving a large report! In order to help you as you go through the material, we want to point out how it will be addressed at the ACC meeting.

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One of the joys of the work of co-chairs of ecumenical dialogues is to commend to our member churches and to the wider Church the completed work of a bilateral dialogue commission. In this case, we are especially pleased to present with this report a new phase in the maturity of relations between our Anglican and Lutheran churches

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ACC-15 Old Catholic

07 NOV 2012 35 KB

Resolutions ACC-15

07 NOV 2012 183 KB

Minutes of Standing Committee Meeting June 2012

01 JUN 2012 221 KB

Communiqué from the meeting of ARCIC III in Hong Kong 2012

The Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission has completed the second meeting of its new phase (ARCIC III), at the Mission to Seafarers in Kowloon, Hong Kong (3-10 May 2012).

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Communique from the Anglican-Methodist International Commission for Unity in Mission - Maryland, USA 2012

The fourth meeting of the Anglican-Methodist International Commission for Unity in Mission (AMICUM) has taken place near Baltimore, Maryland, 10-16 February 2012

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