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7 December 2001 Communiqué Cape Town, South Africa

The Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations (IASCER) met in Cape Town, South Africa, from 1 to 7 December.

07 DEC 2001 59 KB

November 20-24, 2001 - Lambeth Palace, England and Rome, Italy Communiqué of the International Anglican - Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission

"Initial meetings at Lambeth Palace with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, and at the Vatican with Pope John Paul II and with officials of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, in discerning the mandate of the new commission"

24 NOV 2001 34 KB

AOOIC Preparatory Meeting Communiqué - July 2001

Dunford House, Midhurst, England, 27-30 July 2001

30 JUL 2001 46 KB

ICAOTD Communiqué - February 2001, Volos, Greece

The International Commission of the Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue met in Volos 12th-15th February 2001

15 FEB 2001 38 KB

Anglican - Baptist African Phase Communiqué - January 2002, Nairobi, Kenya

An African phase of international conversations between Anglicans and Baptists was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 24-26 January 2001

26 JAN 2001 36 KB

Anglican - Baptist Asian Phase Communiqué - January 2001, Yangon, Myanmar

Following a European phase of international conversations between representatives from the Anglican Communion and the Baptist World Alliance at Norwich Cathedral, England in September 2000, the Asian phase was held from January 18-21, 2001 in Yangon, Myanmar.

21 JAN 2001 35 KB