2015 was the first time that the Anglican and Reformed Communions have met in a formal dialogue at the global level since 1984, when the dialogue finalized its agreement statement, God's Reign and our Unity. Following an exploratory meeting in 2011, there has been fresh energy and enthusiasm for a new round of dialogue between the two Communions. The International Reformed–Anglican Dialogue (IRAD) has been mandated to study to the nature of communion (koinonia), a wide range of missiological challenges facing the two Communions, and the sources wherein the work of the Spirit may be discerned, notably authority and governance, episcope and episcopacy.

Koinonia: God’s Gift and Calling

Koinonia: God’s Gift and Calling

The International Reformed – Anglican Dialogue has concluded its work with the publication of the agreed statement ‘Koinonia: God’s Gift and Calling’. The report was finalised at the commission’s final meeting in Hiroshima, Japan. IRAD brings together appointed theologians from around the Anglican Communion and around the World Communion of Reformed Churches. This is the first international ecumenical document agreed between the Anglican and Reformed communions since 1984.

The central concept in the report is kononia, a Greek word meaning communion – the relationship that binds Christians together. The report challenges the communions to deepen the unity that they already share.

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