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Rapport de l’Université anglicane du Congo, saison de Pâques, 2013

The Academic year 2012-2013 started on 17 October 2012 with a new intake of about 200 students and the faculties that enrolled more are Psychology and Education Sciences, Polytechnics and Applied Sciences, while the faculties of Theology and Economics got a few. Today, we have in all 270 students, continuing and new ones, both men and women.

13 MAY 2013 289 KB

Mai 2013 : Rapport synthèse de l’Église anglicane du Congo : Archidiaconé de Brazzaville et ses perspectives

L’Archidiaconé du Congo Brazzaville existe depuis les années 1997 par le truchement du Vénérable Raymond BANZOUZI en provenance de la République Démocratique du Congo et un groupe de Réfugiés Rwandais Anglicans. A ce moment-là, Kinshasa et Brazzaville étaient encore sous la supervision du Diocèse de Kisangani.

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IAWN Newsletter April 2013

IAWN Coordinator Ann Skamp asks ‘Dare We Hope?’

This year’s UN Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW57) met at a time when global media stories highlighted violent attacks against women and girls.

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Compass Points March 2013

22 MAR 2013 3.06 MB

IAWN report to the Standing Committee, March 2013

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IAWN Newsletter January 2013

A “Network of Networks”

Our new Steering Group Co-ordinator, Ann Skamp, writes:

In Archbishop Rowan Williams’ Advent letter to the Anglican Primates he writes of the Anglican Communion becoming a “network of networks”:

14 JAN 2013 955 KB

Land of Promise: An Anglican exploration of Christian attitudes to the Holy Land, with special reference to 'Christian Zionism'

ISBN 978-0-9566596-1-3 a report from the Anglican Communion Network for Inter Faith Concerns published by the Anglican Consultative Council

31 DEC 2012 1.05 MB

Compass Points Nov 2012

23 NOV 2012 831 KB

IAWN report to ACC-15, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, 2012

05 NOV 2012 125 KB

Safe Church Consultation Report to ACC15

‘The abuse of power is an extraordinarily complex multi-layered issue and involves the individual, the group, the community, the institution, is intensely personal, unavoidably political and has far-reaching consequences. 

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