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Welcome to the official website of the Anglican Communion, a family of churches in more than 165 countries. Read about what Anglicans/Episcopalians believe. Learn about their work in a wide range of ministries and activities.

Lambeth Conference 2020

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Anglican Cycle of Prayer
A Season of Repentance - Lent 5
Praying With One Voice - Common Liturgical Resources
Lambeth Conference - Prayer Diary
Click here for English prayer resources

Cycle anglican de prière
Une Saison de repentance – Carême 5
Prier d’une seule voix – Ressources liturgiques communes
Lambeth Conference – Journal de prières
Cliquez ici pour les ressources de prière en français

Ciclo de oración anglicano
Un periodo de arrepentimiento - Cuaresma 5
Orar con una sola voz - Recursos litúrgicos comunes
Lambeth Conference - Diario de oración
Haga clic aquí para obtener recursos de oración en español

Ciclo de Oração Anglicano
A Jornada de Arrependimento – Quaresma 5
Orar com uma só voz – Recursos Litúrgicos Comuns
Lambeth Conference – Diário de Oração
Clique aqui para recursos de oração em português

Member Churches

Find information about Anglican Communion Member Churches here

Member Churches

Jesus Shaped Life

See how Christians, as followers of Jesus Christ, invite others to join them as disciples, living a life shaped by his love. 

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What is the Anglican Communion?

What does it mean to be a member of the worldwide community of Anglicans and Episcopalians?

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Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the Anglican Communion’s spiritual head


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