The word ‘theology’ literally means the study of God. The discipline of Christian theology is the study of what the Bible teaches and what Christians believe. For Christians, the Bible is inspired by God and essential for living a full Christian life.

Theology within the Anglican Communion is enriched by its history, its tradition and its diversity as a global body.

Fundamentals of Anglicanism

  • Doctrine: Anglican churches teach a distinct doctrine, or set of beliefs. These are based on the Bible, ancient creeds, doctrinal statements and important texts. They also draw from continuing discussion.

  • Liturgy: another key part of Anglicanism. This is the ordering of worship and prayer through words and action – both in public and private.

  • Mission: this guides the present and future life of Anglican churches as they participate in God’s saving mission in the world.’

Theological education within the Anglican Communion

Theological education continues apace. New generations are wrestling with the Bible and other important theological texts as they pursue a closer relationship with God and seek to engage with the world around them.

Theological Education for the Anglican Communion (TEAC) was set up to help Anglicans and Episcopalians become more theologically aware and sensitive to God’s call on their lives. TEAC aims to serve the strategic aims of the Anglican Communion in promoting Intentional Discipleship, reconciliation and justice; and Anglican identity.

The Anglican Consultative Council’s Standing Committee approved the establishing of the Commission for Theological Education in the Anglican Communion (CTEAC) in February 2022. Under the chairmanship of Archbishop Dr Howard Gregory it has taken over and is extending TEAC’s work in years ahead through Provincial Commissioners, Consultants and working groups. It will strengthen networking across seminaries and churches and develop online resources. Seminaries and training programmes are being invited to become associate members. Thirty-eight provinces have nominated commissioners. The Commission was officially launched at ACC18 in Accra, Ghana.

Anglican churches around the world have a range of theological colleges and courses to train men and women for ministry. There are more than 120 colleges in the Anglican Communion. For a full list click here.

Categories of theology

Under the umbrella of theology there are a number of distinct disciplines. These include:

  • Doctrine of God: the study of God the Father

  • Christology: the study of the Person and work of Jesus Christ

  • Pneumatology: the study of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit

  • Missiology: the study of God’s mission from Biblical times to the present and future

  • Ecclesiology: the study of the nature and mission of the Church

  • Eschatology: the study of the ‘end times’ or last days