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The Family – A Reconciling Community

The Family - A Reconciling Community (August 2015) continues IAFN’s exploration of the theological basis for the concept of ‘family’ and celebrates the potential of Christ’s reconciling love lived out in family and community settings. It shows how practical expressions of this theology can help to strengthen partnerships between family members and encourage reconciliation where relationships have been broken by stigma, substance abuse, clashes of culture or teenage rebellion.


29 JUL 2015 3.31 MB

Communiqué from the Anglican Indigenous Network, meeting at Stony Point Center in New York, 14 to 17 April 2015

By way of a report to the Standing Committee, AIN has submitted a communiqué from their April 2015 triennial conference which they have asked to be forwarded to ACC-16.

17 APR 2015 75 KB

Statement to the Anglican Consultative Council from the Anglican Communion Delegation to United Nations Commission for the Status of Women 59

The focus of this year's 59th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59) was a 20-year anniversary review of the landmark Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, unanimously adopted by 189 countries at the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women as an agenda for women’s empowerment and a global policy document on gender equality.

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La Tierra es Nuestro Anfitrión

Volmoed, Centro de Convenciones y Retiros (Casa compañera de la Comunidad de la Cruz de Clavos), Sud África, 23 a 27 Febrero 20151

En el nombre de Dios, Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo, Amen.

Nosotros, un grupo de Obispos Anglicanos provenientes de diócesis de nuestra Comunión global saludamos a nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Cristo a través de toda la Comunión Anglicana en este santísimo día Viernes Santo. En este día en el cual nuestro Salvador dio su vida por el mundo, compartimos la siguiente declaración en un espíritu de amor sacrificial y reconciliatorio.

30 MAR 2015 600 KB

O Mundo é o Nosso Hospedeiro

Nós, um grupo de Bispos Anglicanos de várias dioceses da nossa Comunhão global, saudamos as nossas irmãs e irmãos em Cristo em toda a Comunhão Anglicana neste dia tão Santo, SextaFeira Santa. Nesse dia, quando o Salvador se esvaziou pelo mundo, compartilhamos a seguinte declaração em espírito de um amor sacrificial e reconciliador.

30 MAR 2015 189 KB

Le monde est notre hôte

Nous, en tant que groupe d’Évêques anglicans de diocèses de la Communion mondiale, saluons nos sœurs et nos frères en Christ de l’ensemble de la Communion anglicane en ce jour très saint, ce Vendredi saint. En ce jour où notre Sauveur s’est livré lui-même à la mort pour le monde, nous partageons la déclaration suivante dans un esprit d’amour sacrificiel et réconciliateur.

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A Call to Urgent Action for Climate Justice, Volmoed Conference and Retreat Centre (A Community of the Cross of Nails Partner), South Africa, 23 to 27 February 2015

We, a group of Anglican Bishops from dioceses across our global Communion greet our sisters and brothers in Christ throughout the Anglican Communion on this most Holy Day, Good Friday. On this day, when our Saviour poured out his very life for the world, we share the following statement in a spirit of sacrificial and reconciling love.

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Newsletter: Church Responses to Human Trafficking

The International Anglican Family Network (IAFN) and the International Anglican Women's Network (IAWN) have produced a joint newsletter for January 2015. The subject of human trafficking is a key issue for both Networks as Anglican churches and other faith groups rise to the challenge of responding to the reality that every year, thousands of men women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad.

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Newsletter: Family - The Gift of Dignity

Family: The Gift of Dignity

introduces inspiring and challenging stories with a theological reflection on 'family' experienced as redemptive community, where all its members find equal dignity, belonging and forgiveness.

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Mission of the Anglican Health Network

The mission of the Anglican Health Network (AHN) is to renew the ministries of
healing and healthcare within the Anglican Communion.

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