Preparing for the Lambeth Conference

TEAC is helping to prepare the Anglican Communion for the Lambeth Conference in 2022 by taking on and completing the Mission Theology in the Anglican  Communion project. This project has organised three intercontinental conferences of global South theologians.

TEAC has now published the conference books which are on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s three priorities of reconciliation, evangelism and the renewal of prayer and the religious life.  

Walking Together
Global Anglican Perspectives on Reconciliation

In Walking Together, global Anglican leaders share difficult and profound experiences of seeking reconciliation. If left to our own human devices, reconciliation is impossible, concedes Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury. But Walking Together focuses not on the human task of reconciliation but on God’s work, reminding us that when we seek reconciliation, “we are merely joining in the work that God has already begun.” These stories of communities walking together toward reconciliation offer hope, allowing us to “glimpse the beauty of the people of God as they seek, despite their brokenness, to join in the work of the Kingdom.”

Walking Together is available to buy at Forward Movement and Amazon

Witnessing Together
Global Anglican Perspectives on Evangelism and Witness

Thumb - Symphony - esThis second book focuses on preaching the gospel in different contexts around the world, highlighting practices that are transforming communities of faith. 

"Each context is profoundly unique; opening a window on each of these enables the church in each place to share something of God with the church everywhere else. Unless we come together and share like this, our vision of God is small, impoverished," offers Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury. Stories of witnessing and sharing the love of God in Christ—of persevering in the hope of the resurrection—are the beating heart of the Church. “Listen carefully to its different voices and their richness,” Archbishop Welby says. “Be open to its challenges, and be inspired to join in more fully with proclaiming the good news of Jesus."

Witnessing Together is avalable to buy at Forward Movement and Amazon

Listening Together 
Global Anglican Perspectives on Renewal of Prayer and the Religious Life

Thumb - Symphony - ptListening Together focuses on the renewal of prayer and the religious life, with stories and reflections from faithful leaders from across the Communion. 

“Nothing is more important to our relationship with God than prayer through Jesus Christ,” says Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury. “Renewal of the religious life and renewal of prayer go hand in hand: There will not be one without the other. It is about letting God into every last part of our life.”

Listening Together is avalable to buy at Forward Movement and Amazon