Province de L'Eglise Anglicane Du Congo

Geographical Area: 2,300,000 Sq Km

Population: 52,400,000


Archbishop of Congo and Bishop of Aru
The Most Revd Georges Titre Ande


Provincial Secretary
The Venerable John Kyausa
Provincial Treasurer
Mr Alain Batondela
Theological Colleges


Ugandan evangelist Apolo Kivebulaya established the Anglican presence in Zaire in 1896. The Church reached the Shaba region in 1955, but evangelization did not progress on a large scale until the 1970s. Following independence, the Church expanded and formed dioceses as part of the Province of Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and Boa-Zaire. The new Province was inaugurated in 1992 and changed its name in 1997.

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