Primates' Standing Committee

Five primates are elected from amongst their number to form the Primates' Standing Committee. These five primates are part of the Anglican Communion's Standing Committee, alongside the Chair, Vice Chair and other members elected by the Anglican Consultative Council, and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The current members of the Primates' Standing Committee are:

The Most Revd Linda Nicholls (Canada)
Alternate: The Most Revd Tito Zavala (Chile)

The Most Revd Jackson Ole Sapit (Kenya)
Alternate: The Most Revd Albert Chama (Central Africa)

Middle East and South Asia
The Most Revd Azad Marshall (Pakistan)
Alternate: Vacant

Oceania and East Asia
The Most Revd Philip Richardson (Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia)
Alternate: The Most Revd Leonard Dawea (Melanesia)

The Most Revd John McDowell (Ireland)
Alternate: The Most Revd Mark Strange (Scotland)