Attendees at the 2024 Primates’ Meeting

Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia – The Most Revd Don Tamihere

Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia – The Most Revd Sione Uluilakepa

Australia - The Most Revd Geoffrey Smith

Bangladesh - The Most Revd Samuel Sunil Mankhin

Brazil - The Most Revd Marinez Rosa Dos Santos Bassotto

Burundi - The Most Revd Sixbert Macumi

Canada - The Most Revd Linda Nicholls

Central Africa - The Most Revd Albert Chama

Central America - The Most Revd David Alvarado

England - The Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby

England - The Most Revd Stephen Cottrell

Hong Kong - The Rt Revd Matthias Der (stand in)

IAMA - The Most Revd Carlos Matsinhe

Ireland – The Most Revd John McDowell

Japan - The Most Revd Luke Ken-ichi Muto

Jerusalem & Middle East - The Most Revd Hosam Naoum

Kenya - The Most Revd Jackson Ole Sapit

Korea - The Most Revd Peter Kyongho Lee

Melanesia - The Most Revd Leonard Dawea

Mexico – The Rt Revd Enrique Trevino Cruz

North India – The Rt Revd Paul Dupare (stand in)

Pakistan – The Rt Revd Azad Marshall

Philippines - The Most Revd Brent Alawas

Scotland - The Most Revd Mark Strange

South America - The Most Revd Brian Williams

South East Asia - The Most Revd Titus Chung

Southern Africa - The Most Revd Dr Thabo Makgoba

Tanzania - The Most Revd Dr Maimbo Mndolwa

The Episcopal Church – The Rt Revd Mary Gray-Reeves (stand in)

Wales - The Most Revd Andy John

West Africa - The Most Revd Cyril Ben-Smith

West Indies - The Most Revd Howard Gregory


32 Primates were at the 2024 Primates’ Meeting.

Three of the Provinces sent representatives, due to personal circumstances like ill health or other reasons.

The Primates that sent representatives were:

Bishop Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop for TEC, represented by The Rt Revd Mary Gray-Reeves

The Most Revd Bijay Nayak of North India, represented by The Rt Revd Paul Dupar

The Most Revd Andrew Chan of Hong Kong, represented by The Rt Revd Matthias Der

Of the Provinces not represented, some were unable to attend due to personal circumstances or responsibilities in their Provinces.

Two wrote letters of encouragement to the meeting.

Of all the provinces invited to the meeting, only 4 did not formally respond to the invitation.

All Primates have received papers being discussed at the meeting and have been invited to input to discussions through the Office of the Secretary General at the Anglican Communion Office.