The Most Reverend Michael Ramsey Archbishop of Canterbury ex officio

The Most Reverend G. T. Sambell Archbishop of Perth
The Reverend E. D. Cameron 
Mr R. T. St John

The Right Reverend V. G. Shearburn

The Right Reverend R. S. Dean Bishop of Cariboo
The Reverend Canon L. F. Hatfield 
Chancellor R. H. Soward

Central Africa
The Right Reverend P. Burrough Bishop of Mashonaland
Mr Martin Kaunda

Muhandiram D. Kuru-Utumpala

The Right Reverend L. W. Brown Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich 
Father Hugh Bishop
Professor J. N. D. Anderson

The Right Reverend J. W. Armstrong Bishop of Cashel and Emly, Waterford and Lismore
Mr D. W. Bleakley

The Right Reverend D. M. Goto Bishop of Tokyo
The Reverend R. T. Nishimura

The Most Reverend G. Appleton Archbishop in Jerusalem
Mr Fuad S. Saba

The Most Reverend F. H. Olang Archbishop of Kenya
The Venerable S. Magua

Latin America
The Right Reverend E. K. Sherrill Bishop of Central Brazil 
The Reverend Sergio Carranza

New Zealand
The Right Reverend H. W. Baines Bishop of Wellington 
Mr J. C. Cottrell

The Most Reverend F. H. Moncreiff Primus of Scotland
The Very Reverend A. E. Hodgkinson

South Africa
The Most Reverend R. S. Taylor Archbishop of Cape Town
Mr Michael R. Rantho

South-East Asia
The Right Reverend Roland Koh Bishop of West Malaysia
The Reverend John Y. H. Ling

South Pacific
The Right Reverend G. D. Hand Bishop of Papua:.New Guinea
The Venerable Jabez Bryce

The Right Reverend A. Stanway Bishop of Central Tanganyika
The Reverend M. Mbwana

Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi
The Right Reverend J. Luwum Bishop of Northern Uganda
Mr D. M. Ndoboli

United States of America
The Right Reverend J. E. Hines Presiding Bishop
The Reverend W. G. Henson Jacobs
Mrs Harold C. Kelleran

The Right Reverend G. 0. Williams Bishop of Bangor
Mr J. C. P. de Winton

West Africa 
The Most Reverend M. N. C. 0. Scott Archbishop of West Africa
Sir Louis Mbanefo

West Indies
The Right Reverend G. C. M. Woodroffe Bishop of the Windward Islands
The Reverend Canon W. A. Lamont

Mrs D. A. Jadesimi (West Africa)
Miss I. F. Jeffreys (Australia)

Co-Opted (Under 28)
Mr Edward Blue (USA) 
Miss Nancy Chan (S.E. Asia)