Personal Emergencies Fund

In 1979, the late Archbishop Donald Coggan, former Archbishop of Canterbury, saw the need for a fund in the Anglican Communion to give financial assistance to clergy and members of their families facing personal medical emergencies.

He arranged for a sum of money to be invested, from which the interest could be allocated, in the hope that other charities, churches and individuals would add to the annual amount available by grants and donations.

Over the intervening years the Anglican Communion's PEF has been able to help hundreds of Anglican clergy and their families as they have faced medical bills that have been well beyond their means. Lives and ministries have been spared and prolonged because a former Archbishop of Canterbury responded to the heart rendering stories of people who had no hope of medical treatment because of lack of finances.

The Fund has been able to assist in many different medical emergencies: for example, those who have had to face major surgery, because of cancer, car accidents, diabetes, heart problems and kidney problems to name a few. Full guidelines of how grants are administered are available to download.

Why the Personal Emergencies Fund?

The Anglican Communion spans the globe. It includes many countries with little or no government provision for health care and, if there is private treatment, it is frequently way beyond the means of most people.

The Fund provides help for urgent or critical medical needs of bishops, clergy, lay-workers, and their families or dependants and where possible, medical treatment is provided in the applicant's own country.

The PEF is administered by the Secretary based at the Anglican Communion Office. Grant applications are prayerfully considered by a committee comprising:

Rt Rev Michael Colclough (Chair)
Rev Canon Nick Sagovsky
Mr Guy Heald
Secretary General of the Anglican Communion 

Further information from:

The Anglican Communion Office
St Andrew's House
16 Tavistock Crescent
W11 1AP

Tel: +44 20 7313 3900