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Towards A Symphony of Instruments

Towards _a _symphonyAn invaluable collection of papers setting out the history and theology of the Anglican Communion’s four Instruments of Communion. These will help the reader understand the ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference, the Primates’ Meeting, and the Anglican Consultative Council, and how together they serve the life of the Communion.

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Communion in Ministry and Mission

IASCUFO-Paper 2-Community -Ministry -Mission -Cover _140x 194

The Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order (IASCUFO) seeks to promote the deepening of communion between the Churches of the Anglican Communion and their global ecumenical partners. In its second Unity, Faith and Order Paper, IASCUFO presents its findings to the Anglican Consultative Council-16 on Receiving One Another’s Ministries, Instruments of Communion: Gifts, Signs and Stewardship’ and Mission-Shaped Communion to the broader audience of Anglicans and their ecumenical partners who work and pray for the unity of the Church.

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Intentional Discipleship

Intentional _discipleshipAn Anglican Guide for Christian Life and Formation

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Out of the Depths: Hope in Times of Suffering

Out Of The DepthsOut of the Depths is an Anglican theological resource written for Christians of all traditions; both those who are undergoing persecution and those prayerfully trying to make sense of persecution and support their Christian brothers and sisters.  Out of the Depths starts with our global context and six current case studies. Religious persecution, and theological responses to persecution, is then examined in Scripture. Diverse theological responses over the centuries are explored in the sections on tradition and reason, including consideration of the theological resources of those of other faiths. Each section ends with opportunities for reflection and response and the book concludes with encouragement to bring these reflections and responses to God in worship.

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Christology Agreed Statement Anglican-Oriental Orthodox International Commission 2014

ChristologyTheologians officially representing the Churches of the Anglican Communion and the Oriental Orthodox Churches made history in 2014 by signing an agreement on their mutual understanding of Christology: what we believe together about the Person of Jesus Christ. This agreement addresses a major point of theology that divided Christians following the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD, leaving the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Byzantine and Western Churches separated from one another.


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The Procession and Work of the Holy Spirit

AOOIC-Procession -Work -Holy -Spirit -cover _140x 202Theologians officially representing the Churches of the Anglican Communion and the Oriental Orthodox Churches achieved a second historic convergence in 2017 by signing an agreement on their mutual understanding of Pneumatology: what we believe together about the Procession and Work of the Holy Spirit. In 2014 they had produced the important Agreed Statement, Christology.

This statement addresses a major point of disagreement on Pneumatology that has divided Eastern and Western Christians since the late sixth century, namely the addition of the words ‘and the Son’ (filioque) after ‘who proceeds from the Father’ in the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed.

The work to seek agreement between Anglicans and Oriental Orthodox on Pneumatology began in the 2015. By 2017 an Agreed Statement on Pneumatology had been prepared by the Anglican–Oriental Orthodox International Commission (AOOIC). It was formally launched at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, when the Co-Chairs of the dialogue, Bishop Gregory Cameron and His Eminence Metropolitan Bishoy of Damietta, signed the final text.

This agreed statement of the Anglican–Oriental Orthodox International Commission (AOOIC) is now before the Churches for study, response and reception.

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Land of Promise

Land _of _promise _newThis new edition of ‘Land of Promise?’ includes The Travellers’ Guide to ‘Land of Promise?’ . This study guide is designed to help groups investigate the issues raised in ‘Land of Promise?’ and should prove particularly helpful for those going on pilgrimages to the Holy Land as well as those who wish to explore Christian attitudes to the Holy Land, with a special reference to Christian Zionism.

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In the image and Likeness of God

In The Mage And Likeness Of God The International Commission for Anglican–Orthodox Theological Dialogue began its fourth phase in 2009, under the co-chairmanship of Archbishop Roger Herft and Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia. In September 2015 the Commission completed this, its first Agreed Statement, In the Image and Likeness of God: A Hope-Filled Anthropology. The product of six years of study and dialogue, the text celebrates what Anglicans and Orthodox can say together about the human person, created in ‘the Image and Likeness of God’.


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Generous Love

Generous LoveThis significant report on the theology of inter faith relations, produced by the Anglican Communion Network for Inter Faith Concerns (NIFCON) with a Foreward by the Archbishop of Canterbury, sets out succinctly some key themes of Anglican inter faith engagement, rooting this engagement in the Christian understanding of God as Trinity.

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Relating With Hindu Diaspora: Anglican & Lutheran Reflections

Hindu Relations


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Into All the World:Being and Becoming Apostolic Churches

Into _all _the _worldInto All the World:Being and Becoming Apostolic Churches A report to the Anglican Consultative Council and the World Methodist Council by the Anglican-Methodist International Commission for Unity in Mission AMICUM 2014 This report from the Anglican-Methodist International Commission for Unity in Mission explores theologically and biblically the shape of unity in mission. It surveys a number of places in the world where there is active ecumenical dialogue between Anglicans and Methodists. It provides some Tool Kits with practical advice for Methodists and Anglicans who want to further their relationship, and provides a number of questions that they might want to explore together. It also has some suggestions regarding ecumenical theological education.

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Living Reconciliation

3d -book -cropHighly readable yet not lightweight, this beautifully written book weaves together stories of those who travelled with Jesus and stories of present-day Christians. Desmond Tutu commends this book “as a tool and encouragement in living your life of reconciliation”. The Archbishop of Canterbury describes it as “an excellent book” that removes our excuses for avoiding the hard journey towards reconciliation. Reading it can get you excited about peace making and transforming our world.


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Anglican Lutheran Agreements

Anglican LutheranA compendium ecumenical agreements from 1972-2002, and the text of The Pullach Report 1972; The Helsinki report 1982; The Cold Ash Report; The Niagara Report 1987; The Meissen Common Statement 1988; The Porvoo Common Statement 1992; The Hanover Report 1995; The Reuilly Common Statement; Called to Common mission; The Waterloo Declaration 2001; Common Ground (Australia); The All-Africa Anglican-Lutheran Commission Report 2001; Growth in Communion 200-2002.

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Church of the Triune God

Church Of The TriuneThe Cyprus Report is the fruit of the third phase of Anglican-Orthodox international theological dialogue. It reflects the further consideration given to ecclesiological issues discussed in earlier phases and registers considerable agreement over a range of issues. It is hoped that it will “help Christians of both traditions perceive anew the work of the Triune God in giving life to His Church, and draw us closer to that unity which is His will for all the faithful”.


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Communion, Conflict and Hope

Communion ConflictThe Report focuses on the nature of Communion, and how unity can be sustained during times of intense disagreement. It demonstrates the foundations of Anglican identity – attention to the Bible, the vocation towards holiness, respect for local cultures, the gifts of discernment and diversity, and the development of appropriate competencies to articulate the mind of the Church. Clarifying such issues not only maintains communion, but actually enriches the sense of common life and purpose that the Communion seeks.


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Conversations Around the World

ConversationsA summary of the Conversations between 2000-2005 about Continuity; Confessing the Faith; Mission and Ministry; Baptism and Initiation; Membership of the Church; the Eucharist; Oversight; Recognition. All these themes are illustrated with stories gathered from around the world.


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Cross Cultural Christian

Cross CultureA workbook for those going as Christians into a different culture; it includes sections on Culture, Living, Faith, Church and Mission concluding with a chapter that encourages reflection on these cross-cultural experiences. It is a workbook; there are plenty questions and exercise for you that are intended to get you thinking about the different issues that it introduces you to. Christians from South America, Africa and Asia have contributed to the book as well as insights from those working for a number of different mission agencies.

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Equipping Bishops as Leaders in God's Mission

Lambeth 2008

The bishops of the Anglican Communion met together in 2008 for ‘counsel and encouragement’. Around 670 bishops came, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

This book contains the principal addresses to the Conference, the sermons, reports given to the bishops and reflections on different elements of the gathering. It is the official record of The 2008 Lambeth Conference, one of the four Anglican Instruments of Communion.

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