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Section V.4 - On Transformation and Renewal

Resolution V.4

On Transformation and Renewal

This Conference:

  1. noting that while Lambeth 1988 called for a Decade of Evangelism during which we have witnessed welcome changes in the world and enhanced efforts to share the Gospel of Christ many other injustices still disfigure our world and challenge our commitment to share the love of God;
  2. therefore calls our Church to build on what has been achieved in the Decade of Evangelism by working for a transformed humanity, transformed cultures, a transformed mission for the Church, and transformed relationships with other Christian communities. This will require a fair sharing of God's resources of personnel and funds.
  3. proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, forgiveness through the cross of Christ and deliverance from the power of Satan, will seek:
    1. Spiritual renewal of God's people;
    2. Transformation in the lives of children and youth, who form most of our growing churches;
    3. Transformation in the relations between ethnic groups and the nations;
    4. Transformation in Christian relations with Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and other religions
      • True freedom of religion
      • Study of the history of other major religions including Islam/Christian relations
      • Assistance for converts from Islam and other religions
      • Support of new Dioceses within the Anglican Communion
    5. Transformation in our churches, in our worship and in our proper use of Scriptures.