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Section V.20 - On the Holy Land

Resolution V.20

On the Holy Land

This Conference:

  1. expresses its deep ongoing concern about the tragic situation in the Holy Land, especially as it affects the City of Jerusalem;
  2. (
  3. affirms the following points:
    1. Jerusalem is holy to the three Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and a home equally for Palestinians and Israelis;
    2. The status of Jerusalem is fundamental to any just and lasting peace settlement and therefore it should serve as the capital of two sovereign states, Israel and Palestine, with free access to the adherents of all three faiths.
    3. East Jerusalem is an integral part of the occupied territories, and should be included in all political arrangements relating to those territories, including self-determination, release of prisoners, right of return, and eventual sovereignty;
    4. The continued serious decline of the Christian Community is a substantial threat to the threefold presence in the Holy City;
    5. The continued building and expansion of Jewish Settlements within East Jerusalem and the occupied territories remains a major obstacle to any just and lasting peace.
  4. urges the government of Israel to recognize the right of Palestinians, Christians and Muslims alike to build their own homes and establish their own institutions in Jerusalem;
  5. sends a message of love, hope and support to our fellow Christians in Israel and Palestine;
  6. encourages our own congregations in greater dialogue, understanding and fellowship with their brothers and sisters in that land;
  7. urges our political leaders to take every opportunity to encourage the Israeli Government and Palestinian Authority to work urgently for a just and lasting peace settlement, to include fair and proper provision for the right of return to the land of those Palestinians dispossessed by the conflicts of the past fifty years;
  8. urges the United Nations, and the governments of the United States and the European Community to use diplomatic and economic influence in support of the above and to demonstrate as firm a commitment to justice for Palestinians as they do for the security of the State of Israel;
  9. continues to uphold all those, in any nation, who have committed themselves to working for the cause of peace, praying that they may have wisdom and courage to bring this process to a just conclusion; and
  10. resolves to send copies of this resolution to the respective parties mentioned above as well as to the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of the Palestinian Authority.

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