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Section V.2 - On International Debt Cancellation and the Alleviation of Poverty

Resolution V.2

On International Debt Cancellation and the Alleviation of Poverty

This Conference:

  1. noting that the beginning of a New Millennium affords the Church of Christ a timely opportunity to propose concrete, Christ-centred means by which to combat poverty, disease, unemployment and other forms of human suffering especially in the developing world, and that cancellation of the unpayable International Debt by poor countries is one such means;
  2. aware that many countries in the developing world suffer under the weight of unpayable external debt, unable to provide essential services;
  3. believing in the principles championed by the Jubilee 2000 Coalition;
  4. convinced that developed lender countries, institutions and individuals have the capacity and means to cancel this crippling, unpayable debt, given the necessary concern and goodwill;
  5. therefore calls upon all concerned to join hands with our Anglican Communion in exploring together the possible cancellation of debt, as well as other ways and means of enabling the poor at grassroots level to escape the poverty cycle, for example by sponsoring projects which will equip and empower the poor to provide for their families; and
  6. noting that revolving micro-credit projects - such as those managed by Opportunity International, Grameen Bank, and ECLOF and others - equip the poor with the credit needed to start small businesses and create jobs with dignity, commends the efforts of these various development agencies. It further welcomes new initiatives such as the Five Talents Project, a micro-credit development initiative designed to combat world poverty, and commends it for its implementation.