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Section V.16 - An Appeal to the Churches and Governments of South Asia

Resolution V.16

An Appeal to the Churches and Governments of South Asia

This Conference, noting the complex situation that exists in South Asia, which has been highlighted by recent events and is based upon ethnic and religious complexities, which have become great impediments to the harmony and development of its people, and also noting that such a milieu continues to be blatantly exploited by different political parties and fundamentalist religious groups for their own ends, and that such a scenario causes havoc amongst communities, especially the poor and the marginalised,

calls upon the churches of this region to live and preach the Gospel, to promote the right of God's creation and to collaborate with other faith communities in acknowledging the sovereignty of God and in sharing their common values and resources for harmony and justice, and further calls upon the governments of this region to seek after serving its people, especially by providing universal education and proper health care in an atmosphere of security and stability and urges them to refrain from excessive militarisation and abuse of authority.

Resolution V.16A

Peace and Reconciliation

This Conference resolves that our Anglican Communion be called upon to take special initiatives to use its resources and efforts in facilitating peace and reconciliation between conflicting nations and communities of our human family.

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