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Section V.14 - On Social Justice issues in the Oceania region

Resolution V.14

On Social Justice issues in the Oceania region

This Conference, noting that in the Churches of Oceania (Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, Australia, Melanesia and Papua New Guinea) there continues to be much concern about a variety of social justice issues affecting island nations, indigenous peoples and rural communities:

  1. reaffirms the recommendations of the 1988 Lambeth Conference Resolution 35 (Concerns of South Pacific Islands) on the right of indigenous peoples to self determination, that they "be in control of their own affairs and especially of the use of the vital resources of their lands and seas", the development of a truly nuclear- free Pacific, the cessation of unjust exploitation of the region's natural resources and the need for international advocacy on these issues;
  2. affirms its support for the recognition of indigenous land title;
  3. expresses its concern that where existing indigenous land title is under threat whether through domestic legislation, globalisation, structural adjustment programmes and debt rescheduling, resulting in increased foreign ownership and control of indigenous land and resources;
  4. recognises the effect of unpayable international debt on island nations and calls for immediate relief as outlined by the Jubilee 2000 campaign;
  5. encourages the nations of Oceania to address corruption in government and business and to participate in the establishment of an international code of practice for financial management;
  6. supports the actions of churches, governments and other organisations to challenge those aspects of globalisation which are having a negative impact upon agriculture, forestry and fishing throughout Oceania;
    1. stands in solidarity with Pacific island nations facing disaster because of global warming and rising sea levels;
    2. encourages a broad range of research, education and action on global warming and its effects;
    3. requests churches to urge their governments to fund this research, education and action;
  7. requests churches in Australia, Aotearoa/New Zealand, East Asia and other countries engaged in trade and economic activities in Oceania,
    1. to become more aware of these activities by their governments and multi-national corporations in the region;
    2. where these activities are unjust and exploitative, to become strong advocates of social justice to eliminate this exploitation.