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Section IV.6 - Churches in Communion

Resolution IV.6

Churches in Communion

This Conference:

  1. recommends that the proposed Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations reflect upon the implications of being in communion with the See of Canterbury with particular reference to the United Churches and Churches in Communion;
  2. welcomes the fact that the International Bishops' Conference of the Union of Utrecht and the ACC have agreed to the establishment of an Anglican-Old Catholic International Co-ordinating Council;
  3. recommends that consideration be given to ways of deepening our communion with the Old Catholic Churches beyond the Bonn Agreement, including means of taking counsel and making decisions together; the anomaly of overlapping jurisdictions; the implications of wider ecumenical relationships, particularly with the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Lutheran Churches; and the importance of work together on issues of mission and common witness;
  4. welcomes the adoption by both churches of the Concordat between the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and the Philippine Independent Church (1997), which establishes a relationship of full communion;
  5. welcomes the relationship of communion established in Northern Europe between six Lutheran churches (Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden) and four Anglican churches (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) by the signing of the Porvoo Declaration in 1996, and recognises the enrichment brought through the presence of Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish bishops at this Conference as bishops in communion; and
  6. welcomes the decision by the Porvoo Church Leaders Meeting in 1998 that the Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church of Portugal and the Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church should be regarded as being covered by the Preamble to the Porvoo Declaration subject to their Synods' approval of the Declaration.