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Section IV.5 - Ecclesiology and Ethics

Resolution IV.5

Ecclesiology and Ethics

This Conference:

  1. recognising the centrality of ethical obedience and witness to life in Christ and hence to the visible unity of the Church, welcomes the ecumenical work done since the last Lambeth Conference on ecclesiology and ethics (Life in Christ [ARCIC, 1994], Church and World (1990), Costly Unity (1993), Costly Obedience (1996), and Costly Commitment (1995) [WCC]) and encourages the continuation of this work in the multilateral and bilateral dialogue;
  2. rejoices at the emerging consensus that racism, inequality between men and women, global economic injustice and the degradation of the earth's ecology are incompatible with the Christian faith; and
  3. calls for continuing work to identify, study and come to a common mind concerning ethical issues where contention threatens to divide the Anglican Communion and create new division amongst the churches.