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Section IV.20 - The Orthodox Churches

Resolution IV.20

The Orthodox Churches

This Conference:

  1. invites the bishops of the Anglican Communion to study and respond to the Interim Agreed Statements of the International Commission of the Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue, June 1998, and to forward these responses to the Anglican co-chair of the International Dialogue by 31 December 1999, namely The Trinity and the Church; Christ, the Spirit and the Church; and Christ, Humanity and the Church;
  2. notes that there is a continuing concern on the part of the Orthodox Churches in dialogue with the Anglican Communion about the issue of the ordination of women to the presbyterate and episcopate;
  3. requests that the Dublin Agreed Statement 1984 be circulated to all provinces of the Anglican Communion for study as requested by resolution 6.3 of Lambeth 1988 and that responses be sent to the proposed Inter-Anglican Standing Commission for Ecumenical Affairs for collation and for forwarding to the Primates' Meeting and the ACC; and
  4. welcomes the emerging Christological agreement between the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches and requests that the provinces study this potentially major Christological agreement.

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