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Section IV.17 - The Methodist Churches

Resolution IV.17

The Methodist Churches

This Conference:

  1. greets with appreciation the report of the Anglican-Methodist International Commission, Sharing in the Apostolic Communion, and the unanimous adoption of paragraph 95 of this report by the World Methodist Council meeting in Rio de Janeiro in August 1996;
  2. invites member Churches of the Anglican Communion to study the report and, where appropriate, to develop agreements of acknowledgement that
    1. both churches belong to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church of Jesus Christ and participate in the apostolic mission of the whole people of God;
    2. in the churches of our two communions the Word of God is authentically preached and the Sacraments duly administered;
    3. our churches share in the common confession and heritage of the apostolic faith; and
  3. recommends the establishment as soon as possible of a Joint Working Group with the World Methodist Council to promote, encourage and monitor regional developments and when appropriate to
    1. consider ways of celebrating regional agreements of mutual acknowledgement;
    2. prepare, in full accordance with the principles set out in the report of the Anglican-Methodist International Commission, guidelines for moving beyond acknowledgement to the reconciliation of churches and, within that, the reconciliation of ordained ministries and structures for common decision-making.

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