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Section III.4 - Eames Commission

Resolution III.4

Eames Commission

Noting that Resolution 1 of the 1988 Lambeth Conference (The ordination or consecration of women to the episcopate) recommended that the Archbishop of Canterbury, in consultation with the Primates appoint a commission

  1. to provide for an examination of the relationships between the provinces of the Anglican Communion and ensure that the process of reception includes continuing consultation with other Churches as well;
  2. to monitor and enumerate the process of consultation within the Communion and to offer further pastoral guidelines; and noting that the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates having now received the completed work of the commission chaired by the Most Revd Robin Eames: this Conference
    1. accepts and endorses the report and thanks the members of the Commission;
    2. recognises the ongoing, open process of reception within the Communion;
    3. recommends the guidelines to every Province; and
    4. urges continuing monitoring within the Communion with regular reporting to the Primates' Meeting.

Note: This Resolution was conflated with Resolution IV.10.

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