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Section II.6 - Future Priorities In Mission

Resolution II.6

Future Priorities In Mission

As it moves towards the third millennium of Christian Witness, this conference;

  1. gives thanks to God for all the experience so far of the Decade of Evangelism, noting the Testimonies and challenges from many churches across the Communion;
  2. repents of our failures in mission and evangelism;
  3. expresses its determination that the impetus should not be lost. The primary task of every bishop, diocese and congregation in the Anglican Communion is to share in and show the love of God in Jesus Christ - by worship, by the proclamation to everyone of the gospel of salvation through Christ, through the announcing of good news to the poor and the continuing effort to witness to God's Kingdom and God's justice in act and word and to do so in partnership with Christians of all traditions;
  4. urges that priority should be given at every level in our Communion to reaching out to those who have never heard, or never responded to the gospel of Christ, and to reawakening those whose love has grown cold;
  5. commits ourselves to call our people to be a transforming church by practising Jubilee, and by sharing financial resources between different regions of our Communion, not only for responding to crises or disasters, but to enable local initiatives in outreach, service and evangelism;
  6. commits ourselves in the light of what is said in this Report to work to transform the dioceses we serve into communities that share fully at every level in the mission of God.