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Section I.9 - Ecology

Resolution I.9


This Conference:

  1. calls upon all ecumenical partners and other faith communities, governments and transnational companies:
    1. to work for sustainable society in a sustainable world;
    2. to recognise the dignity and rights of all people and the sanctity of all life, especially the rights of future generations;
    3. to ensure the responsible use and re-cycling of natural resources;
    4. to bring about economic reforms which will establish a just and fair trading system both for people and for the environment.
  2. calls upon the United Nations to incorporate the right of future generations to a sustainable future in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  3. asks the Joint Standing Committee of the ACC and the Primates to consider the appointment of a co-ordinator of an inter-national ecological network within the Anglican Communion, who would:
    1. work in co-operation with other ecumenical and interfaith agencies;
    2. be funded through and responsible to the Anglican Consultative Council;
    3. support those engaged in grass-roots environmental initiatives;
    4. gather and disseminate data and information on environmental issues so that the Church can play an informed role in lobbying for ecological justice in both the public and private sectors; and
    5. contribute to the development of environmental educational programmes for use in the training of Christian leaders.

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