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Section I.14 - Euthanasia

Resolution I.14


In the light of current debate and proposals for the legalisation of euthanasia in several countries, this Conference:

(a) affirms that life is God-given and has intrinsic sanctity, significance and worth;

(b) defines euthanasia as the act by which one person intentionally causes or assists in causing the death of another who is terminally or seriously ill in order to end the other's pain and suffering;

(c) resolves that euthanasia, as precisely defined, is neither compatible with the Christian faith nor should be permitted in civil legislation;

(d) distinguishes between euthanasia and withholding, withdrawing, declining or terminating excessive medical treatment and intervention, all of which may be consonant with Christian faith in enabling a person to die with dignity. When a person is in a permanent vegetative state, to sustain him or her with artificial nutrition and hydration may be seen as constituting medical intervention; and

(e) commends the Section Report on euthanasia as a suitable introduction for study of such matters in all Provinces of the Communion.

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