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Section I.13 - Landmines

Resolution I.13


This Conference - attended both by bishops from nations suffering acutely from the presence of landmines in their own countries (Mrs. Winifred Ochola wife of the Bishop of Kitgum in Uganda was killed by a landmine), and by bishops from countries that have profited from the manufacture of landmines:

(a) calls upon all signatory Governments to ratify the Ottawa Convention (without exceptions) at the earliest possible date;

(b) calls upon all non-signatory Governments to sign and ratify the Ottawa Convention at the earliest possible date;

(c) calls upon all Governments to provide extra funding for mine clearance programmes, and to encourage the development of appropriate technology for mine clearance initiatives; and;

(d) calls upon international organisations, all Governments, community level and local Government initiatives, NGOs, Churches and other people of good will, to engage in educational work on this issue, provide practical assistance to alleviate the consequences of the massive level of previous landmine deployment, and engage in practical schemes to reintegrate landmine survivors and their families into their communities.

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