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Resolution 68 - The Gulf and Lebanon

Resolution 68

This Conference:

1. views with grave concern the continued conflict between Iran and Iraq, with its very dangerous consequences not only for all the Gulf states and for the Middle East as a whole, but also for the world at large;

2. welcomes Iran's acceptance of Security Council Resolution 598 and looks to Iraq to honour its commitment to do so, and calls upon all countries which have influence to use it to bring an end to the conflict on that basis;

3. condemns the use of chemical weapons in any circumstances and urges that any further use by any country should immediately be met by punitive sanctions; and calls upon the international community to take steps to prevent the sale and supply of such chemical weapons;

4. urges that all countries involved should respect property rights and contractual obligations;

5. recognises that the grief of the families of hostages is universal, knowing no boundaries of religion or nationality;

6. conveys its deep sympathy to the families of all hostages and to all the people of Lebanon who have suffered for so long the brutal savagery of civil war;

7. calls upon all states with influence to use their good offices to secure the release of all hostages in Lebanon of whatever nationality; and

8. prays earnestly for peace and tranquility in the region.

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