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Resolution 5 - Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Relations

Resolution 5

Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Relations

This Conference:

1. Warmly welcomes the renewal and development of relationships between the Anglican Communion and the Armenian Apostolic, Coptic Orthodox, Ethiopian Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox and Indian Orthodox Churches.

2. Warmly welcomes the renewal of relationships between the Anglican Communion and the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East.

3. Particularly welcomes the presence of more observers from these Churches than at any previous Lambeth Conference, thus regaining the momentum of the Conferences of 1908 and 1920.

4. Notes with satisfaction the visits to these Churches made before and since the WCC Assembly at Vancouver in 1983 by Bishop Henry Hill, the meeting of the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Forum held at St. Albans in 1985 and the subsequent publication of the symposium "Light from the East," as well as the meetings between the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Patriarchs of these Churches, including that with Pope Shenouda III in 1987 resulting in their Joint Declaration.

5. Affirms our friendship with these two families of Churches, and recognises the severe difficulties and challenges faced by them through war and persecution, through the growth of secularism and militant atheism, and also recognises the challenge presented by the interface with Islam.

6. Recognises that we are present together in many parts of the world, and offers our hopes for the development of friendship, fellowship and support wherever we find ourselves side by side.

7. Values greatly the rich contribution that these Churches have made to the spirituality of the Church as a whole throughout the centuries.

8. Affirms and supports the work of the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Forum, and commits itself to the task of the forum in developing areas of possible co-operation, particularly:

(a) The development of dialogue on matters of common theological interest and concern.

(b) The establishment of theological scholarships mainly for post-graduate study for students who have completed their basic training in their own institutions and the possibility that some Anglican students spend some time in Oriental Orthodox theological institutions and monasteries as part of their regular training for the ministry.

(c) The hope that theological seminaries of the Oriental Orthodox Churches can be assisted, especially in the building up of libraries, in the supply of new books, and in subscriptions to scholarly journals, with journals and magazines published by Churches of the Communions being exchanged on a more systematic basis.

(d) The need for regional co-ordinating bodies for promoting understanding and co-operation among the Churches especially in the USA and Canada, in the Middle East, in Australia and New Zealand, and in the United Kingdom.

9. Desires that in view of the importance of Anglican-Oriental Orthodox relations, the Anglican Consultative Council enter into consultation with the relevant Oriental Orthodox authorities with a view to the Forum being upgraded to a formally recognised commission.

Hill, Henry Communion (See further para.57 of the Report on "Ecumenical Relations.")