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Resolution 48 - Mission to Youth

Resolution 48

Mission to Youth

This Conference:

1. Encourages every diocese to conduct an evaluation of existing mission and ministry among its youth*, as far as possible in co-operation with other Churches, which should include an examination of the current nature and extent of youth involvement in the life of the diocese and provinces and at every level.

2. Suggests that this should include the following questions to be investigated:

(a) What occasions or venues for meeting are provided for young people who have no contact whatever with the Church or the Christian faith? 
(b) What proportion of diocesan and parish budgets is set aside for youth ministry, compared with other activities? 
(c) What relationships exist between the diocese and its clergy on the one hand, and the local schools and state education authorities on the other, if any? 
(d) How are the dioceses and parishes making use of the skills and gifts of local Christian teachers, youth leaders, young people who have a ministry among their peers, and what opportunities for encouragement and training in Christian witness are being provided?
*Known elsewhere as a "mission audit"; see [Report of] ACC-6, Resolution 11, p.60, for suggested guidelines.

(See further paras 32-35 and 75 of the Report on "Mission and Ministry.")