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Resolution 41 - Training of Bishops

Resolution 41

Training of Bishops

This Conference:

(a) congratulates African provinces for having made provisions for the training of newly consecrated bishops as recommended by Lambeth 1978 (Resolution 19);
(b) resolves that every province implement programmes of initial preparation and in-service training for the episcopate, and accordingly that:

(1) A duration of one month, at least, be set aside for preparation, which should include instruction regarding the tasks and functions of a bishop, finance and management control; such training being in the language and culture of the bishop concerned.

(2) After six years in office, all bishops should be encouraged to have a period of sabbatical leave for study and refreshment; and that financial support for such a period should be available from appropriate sources within the province concerned.

(3) Where appropriate, preparation, training and support should also be made available to the spouse.

(4) In view of the stress factor within the life of the bishop, bishops should present themselves for a medical examination at least once a year.

(See further paras 160-174 of the Report on "Mission and Ministry.")