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Resolution 37 - Latin America

Resolution 37

Latin America

This Conference:

1. Affirms that self-determination is a fundamental human right based on the freedom which God has given to us, and to which every person, nation and region is entitled.

2. Commends and supports the Church in Latin America as it seeks ways and means of helping their people to develop a higher standard of living and to motivate their governments to provide greater freedom and justice for their people.

3. Urges those governments whose military policies inhibit self-determination to refrain from unjust political manipulation of Latin American countries and from military interference in their lives.

4. Urges the lifting of the sanctions imposed upon Nicaragua, Panama and Cuba by the United States of America.

5. Urges the industrial countries of the world to cease all military aid to combatants in Latin American countries and to give them economic and humanitarian assistance so as to end the suffering of the people.

6. Commends the peace effort of the Central American countries and the support given by other Latin American nations.

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