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Resolution 12 - United Churches in full communion

Resolution 12

United Churches in full communion

This Conference:

1. Expresses its gratitude for the presence of bishops from the Church of South India, the Church of North India, the Church of Bangladesh and the Church of Pakistan, acknowledging that their presence reminds us that our commitment as Anglicans is to the wider unity of the Church.

2. Affirms the request of ACC-7 (Resolution 17) that all United Churches with which the Churches of the Anglican Communion are in full communion be invited to accept full membership in the Lambeth Conference and the Primates Meeting (as is already the case with the Anglican Consultative Council).

3. Welcomes the proposals entitled "Ministry in a Uniting Church" of the Covenanted Churches in Wales, and insofar as the Welsh proposals are similar to the North India and Pakistan Scheme, sees no difficulties in relation to the question of full communion if such proposals are brought to fruition.

4. Encourages the development of similar proposals in other parts of the world.

Church of Bangladesh Church of North India Church of Pakistan Church of South India The term "united Churches in full communion" is used of those Churches where Anglicans have entered into union with Christians of other traditions. These Churches are in full communion with the Churches of the Anglican Communion.

(See further paras 3,51,93-97 of the Report on "Ecumenical Relations.")

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