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Resolution 37 - Other Faiths: Gospel and Dialogue

Resolution 37

Other Faiths: Gospel and Dialogue

1. Within the Church's trust of the Gospel, we recognise and welcome the obligation to open exchange of thought and experience with people of other faiths. Sensitivity to the work of the Holy Spirit among them means a positive response to their meaning as inwardly lived and understood. It means also a quality of life on our part which expresses the truth and love of God as we have known them in Christ, Lord and Saviour.

2. We realise the lively vocation to theological interpretation, community involvement, social responsibility, and evangelisation which is carried by the Churches in areas where Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Islam are dominant, and ask that the whole Anglican Communion support them by understanding, by prayer, and where appropriate, by partnership with them.

3. We continue to seek opportunities for dialogue with Judaism.