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Resolution 18 - Public Ministry of the Bishop

Resolution 18

Public Ministry of the Bishop

The Conference affirms that a bishop is called to be one with the Apostles in proclaiming Christ's resurrection and interpreting the Gospel, and to testify to Christ's sovereignty as Lord of lords and King of kings. In order to do this effectively, he will give major attention to his public ministry. Reflecting the ministry of the prophets, he will have a concern for the wellbeing of the whole community (especially those at a disadvantage) not primarily for the advantage or protection of the Church community. The bishop should be ready to be present in secular situations, to give time to the necessary study, to find skilled advisers and to take sides publicly if necessary (in ecumenical partnership if at all possible) about issues which concern justice, mercy, and truth. Members of the Church should be prepared to see that the bishop is supported in such a ministry.