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Resolution 44 - Relations with Other Churches - Renewal in Unity

Resolution 44

Relations with Other Churches - Renewal in Unity

The Conference recommends that the following affirmations be referred to each province for consideration, as means of furthering renewal in unity.

(a) We believe that each bishop of the Anglican Communion should ask himself how seriously he takes the suggestion of the Lund Conference on Faith and Order that we should do together everything which conscience does not compel us to do separately. To do so immediately raises the need to review Church structures (conduct of synods, budgets, areas of jurisdiction, etc.) to see where they can be altered to foster rather than hinder co-operation. It involves giving encouragement in this direction to all whom we can influence. It involves also the exploration of "responsible experiment" so that ecumenical work beyond the present limits of constitutional provision is encouraged to keep in touch with the common mind of the Church and not tempted to break away.

(b) We believe that prior attention in ecumenical life and action should be given to the local level, and point to local ecumenical action as the most direct way of bringing together the whole Christian community in any area.

(c) We believe that as ecumenical work develops in local, national, and regional areas the need becomes more apparent for an ecumenical forum on the widest possible scale. We therefore endorse the hope expressed at the Uppsala Assembly that "the members of the World Council of Churches, committed to each other, should work for the time when a genuinely universal council may once more speak for all Christians." Our interim confessional and ecumenical organisations should be tested by their capacity to lead in this direction.

(d) We believe that areas in which little ecumenical activity is at present possible have a claim upon the encouragement and support of the more strongly established areas, which should make provision of time and money to maintain fellowship with them.

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