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Resolution 4 - The Contemporary Life of Prayer

Resolution 4

The Contemporary Life of Prayer

The Conference affirms that the primary task of the Church is to glorify God by leading all mankind into life in Christ, and that this always involves a continuous advance in the practice of prayer in the Spirit; and therefore calls upon the clergy and laity of the whole Anglican Communion to join with the bishops in their determination, in humble and penitent dependence upon God, to deepen and strengthen their life of prayer, remembering always that our Lord's periods of withdrawal for prayer were a prelude and preparation for his further service in the world that the Father might be glorified.

To this end the Church should search to discover those forms of spirituality and methods of prayer, both corporate and personal, which meet the needs of men and women today, such as those expressed by Abbe Michel Quoist in his book "Prayers of Life." The Church should pay more attention to the development of that capacity for silent prayer which exists in all her members, and should encourage corporate and personal waiting upon God.

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