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Resolution 32 - The Ministry - The Diaconate

Resolution 32

The Ministry - The Diaconate

The Conference recommends: 
(a) That the diaconate, combining service of others with liturgical functions, be open to 
(i) men and women remaining in secular occupations, 
(ii) full-time church workers, 
(iii) those selected for priesthood.

(b) That Ordinals should, where necessary, be revised: 
(i) to take account of the new role envisaged for the diaconate; 
(ii) by the removal of reference to the diaconate as "an inferior office"; 
(iii) by emphasis upon the continuing element of "diakonia" in the ministry of bishops and priests.

(c) That those made deaconesses by laying-on of hands with appropriate prayers be declared to be within the diaconate.

(d) That appropriate canonical legislation be enacted by provinces and regional Churches to provide for those already ordained deaconesses.

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