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Resolution 21 - Developing Countries

Resolution 21

Developing Countries

The Conference welcomes the deep concern about the economic and social frustration of developing countries expressed by the World Council of Churches at its recent Assembly in Uppsala. To produce decisive and wise action in this serious situation it recommends to the provinces of the Anglican Communion:

(a) The careful study of the issues of development including the new economic and political structures which it demands; and effective dissemination of knowledge about the issues to the Churches and to the public.

(b) That the efforts of the United Nations agencies to bring about world economic justice receive the active support and prayers of all the Churches.

(c) That they endorse the appeal of the World Council of Churches at Uppsala that the Churches should do their utmost to influence the governments of industrialised countries:

(i) to increase annually the percentage of Gross National Product officially transferred as financial resources, exclusive of private investment, to developing countries, with the minimum net amount of one percent to be reached by 1971; 
(ii) to conclude agreements stabilising and supporting at an acceptable level the prices of vulnerable primary products and providing preferential access to developed markets for the manufactured products of developing countries.

(d) That they should urge their members to support more actively existing funds, and particularly the Division of Inter-Church Aid, Refugee and World Service, to help meet some of the present emergenices in world poverty and hunger.

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