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Resolution 19 - The Study of Social and Political Change

Resolution 19

The Study of Social and Political Change

The Conference recommends:

(a) That, recognising that for the foreseeable future the greater part of the earth will retain agrarian forms of society, the provinces of the Anglican Communion co-operate with the World Council of Churches and other agencies to carry out the regional surveys necessary to determine specific technological and other development needs in both agrarian and industrial areas; and further, that the local Church in agrarian communities be urged to promote or co-operate in appropriate political, economic, and social development projects as its witness to the Gospel of the incarnate Lord; and that in both agrarian and industrial areas the structures of the Church, devised for static and pre-industrial societies, be renewed for more effective impact on rapidly changing societies.

(b) That the normal pattern for the missionary structure of the Church be that of ecumenical action and that every use be made of consultants from the social sciences and related fields.

(c) That the Church increasingly call on the skills of full-time professionals in such fields as social work, community organisation, education, recreational activities, and the mass media, and that they be regarded as members of the integral staff of the Church.

(d) That the Church increasingly work for social goals which really benefit human beings, eg. in housing, education, health, and adequate wages, using both secular agencies and, where appropriate, its own social agencies.

(e) That the Church increasingly give itself seriously to the redeployment of resources of men and money so as to take the initiatives that effective mission requires both at home and abroad.

(f) That, in consequence of the last recommendation, a serious study be made of existing buildings and the planning of new ones.

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