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Resolution 61 - Progress in the Anglican Communion Missionary Appeal and

Resolution 61

Progress in the Anglican Communion Missionary Appeal

The Conference, while reaffirming the opinion expressed in Resolution 44 of the Lambeth Conference of 1920 that the Consultative Body is of the nature of a continuation committee of the Lambeth Conference, recommends that its duties and composition should be redefined as follows:

  1. The duties of the Consultative Body shall be:
    1. to carry on work left to it by the preceding Conference;
    2. to assist the Archbishop of Canterbury in the preparation of business of the ensuing Conference;
    3. to consider matters referred to the Archbishop of Canterbury on which he requests its aid and to advise him;
    4. to advise on questions of faith, order, policy, or administration referred to it by any bishop or group of bishops, calling in expert advisers at its discretion, and reserving the right to decline to entertain any particular question;
    5. to deal with matters referred to it by the Archbishop of Canterbury or by any bishop or group of bishops, subject to any limitations upon such references which may be imposed by the regulations of local and regional Churches;
    6. to take such action in the discharge of the above duties as may be appropriate, subject to the condition that with regard to Churches, provinces and dioceses of the Anglican Communion its functions are advisory only and without executive or administrative power.
  2. The Consultative Body shall consist of:
      1. The Archbishop of Canterbury as ex officio Chairman, and the Archbishop of York;
      2. The primates or presiding bishops of national or provincial Churches in the following countries or areas: Wales; Ireland; Scotland; USA; Canada; India, Pakistan, Burma, and Ceylon; Australia; New Zealand; South Africa; West Indies; Japan; China; West Africa; Central Africa; Middle East.
      3. Such members to represent other dioceses under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury as he may appoint.

    Each member shall have the right to nominate a bishop to take his place at any meeting which he is unable to attend.

  3. The Archbishop of Canterbury with the approval of the Consultative Body shall appoint a secretary, to serve under the directions of the Archbishop, who may, if the Advisory Council so agrees, be also the Secretary of that Council.
  4. The Consultative Body shall meet when summoned by the Archbishop of Canterbury or on his behalf; and in between meetings may conduct business by correspondence. All minutes and papers shall be sent to every member and if so desired to alternates also.
  5. Expenses incurred on behalf of the Consultative Body shall be borne by the fund provided for the Advisory Council on Missionary Strategy, if that Council so agrees.

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