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Resolution 120 - The Family in Contemporary Society - Polygamy

Resolution 120

The Family in Contemporary Society - Polygamy

  1. The Conference bears witness to the truth that monogamy is the divine will, testified by the teaching of Christ himself, and therefore true for every race of men.
  2. It acknowledges that the introduction of monogamy into societies that practice polygamy involves a social and economic revolution and raises problems which the Christian Church has as yet not solved.
  3. The Conference urges upon Church members the continuance of thorough study and earnest prayer that God may lead his Church to know the manner of its witness and discipline in this issue.
  4. The Conference, recognising that the problem of polygamy is bound up with the limitations of opportunities for women in society, urges that the Church should make every effort to advance the status of women in every possible way, especially in the sphere of education.
  5. The Conference further requests His Grace the President to refer this problem to the Advisory Council on Missionary Strategy.

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